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Tianjin q355b hexagonal steel pipe special shaped pipe manufacturer

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: fifty-five Time: 2021 / 5 / 24 10:00:23

Tianjin q355b hexagonal steel pipe special-shaped pipe manufacturers, the key expenditure has been effectively guaranteed, faster and more effective implementation of preferential policies for enterprises and people, and promoted the sustainable and healthy development of economy and society. From the perspective of budget funds allocation, more than 90% of direct funds are allocated to grass-roots units and users. After the release of the budget indicators, overall, the actual expenditure exceeded 1 trillion yuan, and the progress exceeded 40% in proportion. This progress is obviously higher than the progress of local general public budget expenditure, which shows that the key to guarantee direct funds is to ensure that they are in place. At the international construction machinery exhibition, we can see that Tianjin q355b hexagonal steel pipe special-shaped pipe manufacturer, Sany Heavy Industry, is and other domestic leading enterprises not only display the "visible" intelligent equipment, but also the "invisible" digital achievements“ "Perception and networking" is the standard configuration of Shunfeng equipment manufacturing industry. It is a platform company focusing on building an industrial operating system. Based on long-term analysis, the "excavator's machine index" continues to rise, which benefits from the effectiveness of epidemic prevention and control measures, the effectiveness of "stable growth" measures, as well as the huge domestic market demand and numerous application scenarios. The excavator is the leader of the engineering construction, then the concrete machinery, and the tail of the dragon is the hoisting equipment. It takes about half a year to 10 months for the dragon tail to be transferred from the head. Shugenshun is the first negative growth of fengshidong demonstration post excavator in April, which may indicate that many infrastructure investment projects have entered the middle and later stage of construction. Sany Heavy Industry and port machinery market share of more than 50%. According to the data, in January 2021, the growth rate of port machinery operation hours turned negative for the first time, and reached 11.6%. In April, the operation duration of the front mounted crane, which is more relevant to the import of goods, increased by 5.3% year-on-year, while that of the stacker with higher relevance to export decreased by 22.1% year-on-year. They set up a cloud Valley "and connected 400000 sets of market equipment. Based on big data, artificial intelligence and other technologies, life prediction and fault diagnosis of key components can be carried out, and customer risks can also be identified. Tianjin q355b hexagonal steel pipe special-shaped pipe manufacturer will push relevant problems to customers individually, which will change the original passive service into active service. Take Sany Heavy Industry as an example. At present, the company has 18 industrial parks, more than 60 workshops, more than 5600 water, electricity, oil and gas meters, 8200 machines and equipment, and more than 100000 kinds of materials, all of which realize online IOT through the platform. Through the establishment of company data platform, the use of stock analysis, enterprise production and operation and management mode is constantly improved. It has played an important role in improving the operation quality of enterprises. Xiang Wenbo said that last year, Sany's per capita output value reached 4 million yuan, which is an important indicator to measure the development level of the enterprise. Compared with the last round of industry peak, Sany Heavy Industry has created much higher revenue than that year without a large reduction in the scale-up work.

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