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Hexagonal steel pipe of Shandong q355b large diameter special shaped pipe manufacturer

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: sixty-five Time: 2021 / 5 / 17 9:57:05

Shandong q355b large diameter special-shaped pipe manufacturer hexagonal steel pipe, there will be some new situations and new problems in the development, enterprises also face many difficulties and challenges, to do a good job in tax reduction and fee reduction policy implementation effect monitoring, analysis, research and judgment, timely study and solve the outstanding problems reflected by enterprises, improve and optimize relevant policies and measures, and better help enterprises to solve difficulties. At the first session of the National People's Congress of the people's Republic of China, Shenzhen city made a work report on behalf of Dongguan, which proposed that Shenzhen would implement a large-scale housing construction plan. This year, the supply of residential land will not be less than 3.6 square kilometers, and the newly started housing area will be more than 15 million square meters; 80000 public housing units will be raised for construction, and more than 100000 rental housing units will be raised for renovation. This move is known as the "second housing reform". From June 2018 to now, it has been nearly three years since Shenzhen formally proposed the "secondary housing reform" for the hexagonal steel pipe manufacturer of Shandong q355b large diameter special-shaped pipe. As a target, Shenzhen will raise 1.7 million new housing units by 2035, including 700000 commercial housing units on the market, accounting for about 40%; There are 1 million public rental housing, affordable commercial housing and talent housing, accounting for about 60%. The wide range of tax reduction and fee reduction has brought real dividends to enterprises, but if there are some contrary phenomena, the dividend will undoubtedly be reduced. In particular, we must resolutely not collect excessive taxes and fees, and resolutely prevent centralized clearing of taxes and arbitrary collection of fees. Some enterprises use the way of "edge ball" to charge fees in a disorderly way, and some of them have many names, so we should strengthen the rectification. Unemployment insurance return policy is particularly popular in many enterprises, and relevant enterprises hope that such a good policy can continue. The meeting made it clear that in the areas where the unemployment insurance fund settlement last year was limited to more than one year, the eligible large enterprises can be refunded at the rate of no more than 30% of the enlarged insurance premium, and that of the small and medium-sized and micro enterprises is not more than 60%. This will continue to bring tangible benefits to enterprises. Under the background that the external environment is still complex and severe, and the employment pressure of Shandong q355b large diameter special-shaped pipe manufacturer hexagonal steel pipe is still large, flexible employment can play its advantages, further expand the employment space, hedge the external impact and alleviate the employment pressure“ Therefore, it is necessary to further smooth the channels of flexible employment and protect the basic rights and interests of flexible employees. " The clear policies and measures in this meeting are timely and necessary, which are conducive to improving the protection level of the rights and interests of flexible employment personnel. " In addition, many flexible employees are disturbed by the insurance premium of occupational injury. This meeting proposed to carry out the pilot project of occupational injury insurance for flexible employment personnel on the platform, which will promote the reasonable definition of the platform enterprise responsibility, explore the mechanism for employment enterprises to purchase commercial insurance and insurance companies to appropriately enlarge and increase support, so as to create a good environment for flexible employment.

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