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Industry trends

Shijiazhuang Q235B special pipe manufacturer triangle tube manufacturer

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: four hundred and thirty-six Time: 2021 / 5 / 7 8:44:20

Shijiazhuang Q235B special-shaped tube manufacturer, triangle tube manufacturer, seize the advantages of industrial chain agglomeration, grasp the project development, prepare enough momentum for economic and social development. In the first quarter, the growth rate of industrial added value and fixed asset investment of Luoyuan above Designated Size ranked the second in the city; Among the 12 main economic indicators, 11 indicators increased by more than 20% compared with that of square steel. Among the 12 counties and cities in the city, the growth rate of major economic indicators has achieved a good result of "the fourth in three square steel" and achieved a "good start". Greatly enhance the market competitiveness, not only for the construction of Luoyuanwan 100 billion steel industry base, but also for the transformation and upgrading of Fuzhou iron and steel industry to add new momentum. Baosteel deshengfu Dongguan center project is also under construction, with an investment of 260 million yuan. Shijiazhuang Q235B special-shaped tube manufacturer, triangle tube manufacturer, will create "intelligent + 5g digital Desheng". After putting into operation, the whole process remote control and digital analog rolling control of rolling out and rolling in will be realized. Fujian Sansteel (Group) Co., Ltd. has invested 10 billion yuan in the steel base project, which takes H-beam of Minguang iron and steel company as raw material to carry out deep processing and enhance the added value of products. Meanwhile, it will build wharf berths, pipe gallery and intelligent stockyard, intelligent storage system, steel processing and distribution system, big data cloud computing Co., Ltd. to coordinate the municipal and county law enforcement forces, We carried out cross law enforcement, focused on key areas and key time periods, made full use of enterprise online, video monitoring, access control system and UAV and other means, strengthened stock control, and carried out special inspection on the implementation of emission reduction measures for more than 130 key enterprises. At the construction site of the new fully enclosed raw material shed of the ultra-low emission reconstruction project of the existing production line, the sound of pile foundation is booming, and the workers are working towards the ground to ensure the completion of the project before the end of the year. After the completion of the project, the environmental protection ultra-low emission requirements of closed loading of raw materials in Dongguan will be realized, and the national ultra-low emission standard will be met. Shijiazhuang Q235B special-shaped pipe manufacturer and triangle tube manufacturer will lay a solid foundation for the sustainable development of Fuzhou silk road harbor city agency development zone. Four law enforcement teams were formed to assist and guide 24 mining enterprises. At present, 23 enterprises have installed PM10 monitoring equipment and connected to the network. A total of four people will be connected to the municipal platform after the power consumption for production is restored. In the next step, we will accelerate the progress of video networking of 24 mining enterprises in strict accordance with the installation requirements of video monitoring and dust monitoring equipment in mines, and do a good job in the filing management of iron and steel smelting projects in this region. In accordance with the regulations on the administration of the approval and filing of enterprise investment projects, the administrative measures for the approval and filing of enterprise investment projects and the requirements of this opinion, and in combination with the actual situation, it is necessary to improve the Guangdong working system and management measures for iron and steel smelting projects in this region, strengthen policy publicity and relevant personnel training, and continuously improve the quality and level of the filing work of iron and steel smelting projects.

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