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Industry trends

Hanzhong q355b special-shaped pipe manufacturer octagonal steel pipe precision rolled steel pipe

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: three hundred and sixty-one Time: 2021 / 4 / 19 8:33:14

Hanzhong q355b special-shaped pipe manufacturer octagonal steel pipe precision rolled steel pipe is an important symbol support to measure a country's comprehensive national strength and steel pipe, and is also one of the most hard core manufacturing industries. China's iron and steel industry has provided an important support for the rapid development of the national economy, and has become one of the competitive industries of shunfengqiu. It is the green revolution of iron and steel, and will pay for the development of iron and steel industry for a long time. China's iron and steel industry has ushered in important development opportunities: first, create new advantages of digital economy and promote high-quality development; Second, low carbon development reshapes the new pattern of iron and steel industry; Third, the further development of industrialization and urbanization provides market space; Fourth, investment in "new infrastructure" has accelerated the creation of new demand. It is predicted that China's economy will maintain a rapid growth trend in the second half of 2020 in 2021; Based on the judgment that the steel consumption of "large construction" industry remains high and that of manufacturing industry increases slightly, it is expected that China's steel consumption will remain high in the short term. In Hanzhong q355b special-shaped pipe manufacturer, octagonal steel pipe is finely rolled. However, in the medium and long term, the domestic steel consumption will decline slowly. According to the comprehensive judgment, the crude steel output in China will reach the peak during the "14th five year plan" period and will maintain a high level in 2025., Intelligent manufacturing is the practical need of transformation and upgrading of iron and steel industry. Iron and steel enterprises should take intelligence and interconnection as the guidance, speed up the construction of iron and steel intelligent manufacturing basic system, build the core competitiveness of enterprises with intelligent manufacturing, improve the new capabilities of production control, operation control and financial control, and promote steel manufacturing to move towards the middle and high-end. The industrial Internet platform of iron and steel industry should be built to provide steel enterprises with the optimal allocation of manufacturing resources in the whole industry chain and the whole life cycle. It is a general trend for platform enterprises to evolve into platform economy industry. It is necessary to build digital economy, enlarge economic circulation, and create steel ecological service with "platform + ecosystem". We should give full play to the initiative of the market in the standardization work, guide the technical innovation of the iron and steel industry closely around the development direction of new products and new technologies, and closely combine with the downstream demand to meet the needs of production and application, and better promote the application of products and standards. In view of the low-carbon field, we should improve and improve the basic standards of rules. Centering on the mature low-carbon technology and engineering, we should obey the decision of the organization. In the new position, we will repay the leaders and comrades' trust and expectation with new achievements. We should grasp the direction, improve the political ability, and constantly improve the political judgment, comprehension and execution. We should be diligent and dedicated, strengthen our responsibilities, constantly innovate ideas and measures, and set an example in improving efficiency, improving quality and promoting development. We should be strict with ourselves, strictly abide by the bottom line of honesty, set an example and take the lead in setting an example, and always maintain the political nature.

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