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Accessories for agricultural machinery and equipment of Hebei 45 special shaped steel pipe manufacturer

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Accessories for agricultural machinery and equipment of Hebei No.45 special shaped steel pipe manufacturer, It looks like a kind of "strange circle". In view of this, the rapid economic recovery, resumption of production and various aspects of construction demand large quantities of raw and auxiliary materials including steel. In addition, the actual per capita steel consumption is still in the process of development compared with the total economic volume, and there is still a lot of room for the development of construction and automobile transportation demand. With the development of car payment industry, the demand for steel is still strong, which also creates a better profit environment for steel mills to increase investment and scrap unnecessary production capacity in advance. This year's production is expected to continue to grow because of the new advanced steel production capacity in recent years. Some of these new capacity projects will be put into operation in 2021, Accessories for agricultural machinery and equipment of Hebei No.45 special shaped steel pipe manufacturer, It is estimated that there will still be tens of millions of tons. At the same time, the utilization rate of production capacity continues to improve, so that there is still new space for this year's output expansion. At the industry and information work conference of Fuguo, it was made clear that the industrial low-carbon action and green manufacturing project should be implemented around the target nodes of carbon peak and carbon neutralization. As a high energy consumption intensive industry, the iron and steel industry should firmly reduce the crude steel output to ensure that the crude steel output decreases year on year. Under the target, the pressure of the iron and steel industry also needs to be looked at separately: "in terms of carbon peaking, the pressure may not be too high. With the substitution of short process to long process, it will also help to reduce carbon emission. In the production of steel, there are still many places where carbon emissions can be reduced, which is why many steel companies pay Peak time The carbon point is earlier than 2030. " Carbon neutrality will put more pressure on the steel industry“ The carbon emission of long process steel production is an unavoidable thing, which requires a relatively large upgrading of the steel industry process. However, since the time point is later, it still depends on the situation of the steel industry in the process of realizing carbon payment   The iron and steel industry needs to constantly change the energy structure and energy efficiency, but at the same time, changing the energy structure also means changing the metallurgical process, which is a huge investment. Many of the original qualified but not yet fully depreciated capacity will also be eliminated in advance, so the profits of steel mills will still face challenges( The volume of steel industry in the process of de capacity is large, Accessories for agricultural machinery and equipment of Hebei No.45 special shaped steel pipe manufacturer, It's under pressure. At the 2021 (Fu Steel Development Forum) held a few days ago, Hu Wenrui, academician of Fucheng Academy of Sciences, also stressed: "the steel industry is a carbon emission industry in Shandong Province in 31 categories of manufacturing industry, accounting for about 15% of the total emissions." u=2725219519,1376863476&fm=26&gp=0_ Copy.jpg

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