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Zhejiang No.20 45 special shaped steel pipe manufacturer's customized size

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: two hundred and fifty-six Time: 2021 / 3 / 30 8:43:24

Zhejiang No.20 45 profiled steel pipe manufacturer customized the size, worried about me, and few people supported me to participate. Some entrepreneurs even came to me at home and advised my wife that it was not easy to make money and should keep it. I also wavered in the process of decision-making. It was not always firm. Three or four months before the signing of the contract, I went to Japan for a vacation and thought for a period of time before I made a firm decision. I'll take a break from myself in a quarter or so, find a time to take a vacation for a few days, and seriously think about the risks, how dark and bright the future is. Can we resist the pressure from all directions brought about by the reform of several decades old state-owned enterprises? I was under a lot of pressure at that time, and my skin turned black. I don't know why. Now I don't have it. I think it's probably the immunity decline caused by stress. It's amazing. It's just like in 2008, when I was sleeping, I didn't dare to turn over. Once I turned over, I felt a sharp pain all over my body. Maybe it was the physical condition caused by too much pressure. Don't make a fuss. Zhejiang No.20 45 special-shaped steel pipe manufacturer customized size, the previous generation did not understand our value pursuit, life is only once, to pursue the ideal of life. But my mother always has a heart to see if her son is healthy and happy. She said that my children will not take over my class. They are very tired when they always do this, and the children also say that their father is very tired. But I said that my father has not succeeded and still has to struggle. I just stick to the road of struggle and fight for the mixed reform. There are many management methods. If you have time to welcome you to Delong and new Tiangang, you can ask our factory director, workshop director, company manager or group president to talk about the management experience. They talk like a family, which is better than what I said, because I don't do specific things and am not professional. However, in the past 40 years of reform and opening up, especially in the past 20 years, the proportion of state-owned enterprises is relatively high, and there are few well-known large private enterprises in Tianjin. The enlarged version of the judgment of the whole market, the understanding and implementation of individual policies are very well in place. Zhejiang No.20 No.45 special-shaped steel pipe manufacturer has customized the size, and the reform is also very strong, because the mixed reform to promote the reform of state-owned enterprises is taking a very big risk, there are various voices.. In addition, there is pressure from the construction of the belt and road project in Indonesia, which brings me great pressure. Today, we have built four benchmarks: environmental protection benchmarking, mixed transformation benchmarking, the belt and road benchmarking, and the party building benchmark, which has been affirmed by relevant departments of the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. In the future, we will build an intelligent manufacturing benchmark. u=1002889133,1364993759&fm=26&gp=0_ Copy.jpg

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