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Industry trends

Processing of various special-shaped pipes produced by Shandong hexagonal steel pipe manufacturer

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With the increase of emission control investment and the intervention of policy level, the correlation between economic development and carbon emission gradually decreases. At present, China, as the representative of joint branch companies and developers, is endowed with more urgent responsibilities and obligations by multiple identities. It is reasonable that China will increase its efforts in carbon emission reduction, and green economy will become the development goal for several years in the future Carbon neutralization work. Subsequently, the Ministry of industry and information technology said that the iron and steel industry, as an energy intensive industry, should take the lead in reducing the industry's output from four aspects: Forbidding new steel production capacity, processing various special-shaped pipes of hexagonal steel pipe manufacturers in Shandong, improving relevant policies and measures, promoting merger and reorganization of the steel industry, and firmly reducing steel output, To ensure that the output of iron and steel will decrease year on year in 2021. So far, the carbon emission reduction plan of the steel industry has begun to take shape. The black industry chain accounts for nearly 20% of the total emissions. Among them, steel smelting is the main source of carbon emissions, and the north, which has a stable steel production capacity throughout the year, ranks first in the total carbon emissions. Shandong and Jiangsu, the other provinces in the top three, are also major producers of crude steel. Therefore, during the "14th five year plan" period, the steel industry is bound to become an important grasp of carbon emission reduction. Some of them are produced by the composite reaction of calcium carbonate and silica during sintering. Blast furnace process, converter process and sintering process are the fundamental sources of carbon dioxide emissions in the black industry chain, while the proportion of electric furnace technology is very small. In addition, it should be noted that although the coke generated by coking reaction is the source of carbon, carbon will not be released to the environment with high temperature carbonization in the coking process, so the proportion of carbon emission from coke oven process is relatively low. In blast furnace ironmaking, coke is used as reducing agent, and various special-shaped pipes are processed by Shandong hexagonal steel pipe manufacturers, which are fully consumed in the reduction of iron element, and a large amount of gas carbon dioxide is produced. In the long process of steelmaking in blast furnace process, carbon dioxide emission accounts for more than 70%. Therefore, limiting blast furnace is the throat of carbon emission reduction.

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