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Hexagonal pipe of Henan Q345B special shaped carbon steel pipe manufacturer

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: seventy-two Time: 2021 / 3 / 18 8:27:56

The development of national economy and society has once again become the focus of attention of people from all walks of life. Some national major projects need to be started, including the promotion of new infrastructure, new urbanization, transportation and water conservancy and other major projects. The increase of projects is bound to drive the demand for steel and building materials. Therefore, the demand for iron ore is also continuing. It is necessary to provide standard technical support for the import and export of high-quality renewable steel raw materials, To help the steel industry green transformation and healthy development. This publicity and implementation meeting has set up a platform for the industry to explore the trend of technological development, exchange Innovation management experience, and discuss the transformation and upgrading plan. It will effectively promote the implementation of the standards, improve the ability of China's iron resources guarantee, and has important guiding significance for the scientific development of the iron and steel industry. The release and implementation of national standards, the level of stock source recycling and utilization, the full use of domestic and international high-quality renewable resources, the limit of mining international and domestic recycled iron and steel raw materials to iron ore partial substitution, truly reflects the domestic large cycle as the main body, domestic and international double cycle mutually promote the new development pattern. Carry out special night environmental protection special inspection on many enterprises, such as baking and melting iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Jinding Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., Wu'an Yuhua iron and Steel Co., Ltd., Hebei Xinghua Iron and Steel Co., Ltd., focusing on whether the production control of enterprises is in place. According to the investigation, all enterprises can implement the production regulation requirements from January to March. Based on the existing shaft blind shaft development system of the mine and the hexagonal pipe of Henan Q345B carbon steel special-shaped steel pipe manufacturer, the flat bottom shallow hole shrinkage followed by cemented filling mining method is adopted, and the design and utilization of asset management scale is 10 × The mine has a service life of 6 years. The total investment of the project is 7.9 million yuan, of which the environmental protection investment is 3.08 million yuan, accounting for 38.99% of the total investment. The mining area of the project is 3.9277 square kilometers, and the mining elevation is + 31. The mining method is shallow hole shrinkage, followed by tailings cementation mold is 300000 tons / year, service life is 12.2 years. The total investment of the project is 82.1 million yuan, including 2.72 million yuan of environmental protection investment, accounting for 3.31% of the total investment. u=2292199930,3121182156&fm=26&gp=0_ Copy.jpg

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