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Industry trends

Manufacture of hexagonal steel pipe by Hubei Q345B special pipe manufacturer

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: six hundred and eighty Time: 2021 / 3 / 15 10:31:32

The economic recovery is likely to bring more travel. At the same time, due to the decision of oil producing countries to limit production, oil has also suffered from a shortage of supply. This pushed the price of crude oil to close to $70 a barrel, the level of nearly two years. This poses a particular threat to energy dependent steel pipes, such as Turkey and India. These countries are likely to be pushed into larger trade and budget deficits, which will deter investors and devalue their currencies. It is also a key development period for the industry from large to strong. Fu's work report proposes "to do a solid job in carbon peaking, carbon neutralization, and formulate an action plan for reaching the carbon peak by 2030." Green development and intelligent manufacturing will become the focus of future work. In addition, industry pain points such as controlling capacity expansion, promoting industrial concentration and ensuring resource security still exist. In this regard, what suggestions and voices have been put forward by industry representatives and members attending the two sessions? First of all, strengthen the protection of patent technology to protect the legitimate rights and interests of joint ventures; Secondly, deepen the supply side reform of the factor market and improve the equity of Sino foreign joint ventures in factor distribution and achievement sharing; Moreover, Hubei Q345B special-shaped pipe manufacturer made hexagonal steel pipe, and the supply side reform was the key to promote the continuous improvement of the financial market function. The R & D Progress of new technologies represented by hydrogen energy smelting will press the "acceleration key", and the proportion of scrap steel use and short process electric furnace smelting in the industry may be further increased. In terms of intensive development, the generation technology represented by ultra-high temperature and subcritical will be widely applied. In terms of production and operation, the process upgrading and intelligent transformation of the production line will speed up., Fundamentally solve the problem of iron ore resources guarantee. It is suggested to speed up the construction of large iron ore bases in China. We should strengthen policy support and promote the domestic iron ore industry to be better, stronger and bigger from the aspects of supporting industrial policies, fiscal and taxation policies. We should speed up the construction of a supply system for overseas resources, encourage key enterprises to invest in the development of high-quality iron ore resources abroad, promote the establishment of a pricing mechanism for iron ore reflecting the relationship between supply and demand, and maintain a normal order of competition., It is necessary to deepen the collaborative innovation between the iron and steel industry and the equipment manufacturing industry, further improve the system and mechanism construction of key technology and equipment, strive to break through the restrictive links between all parties, and create a new pattern of virtuous circle of interaction, mutual assistance, mutual promotion and mutual benefit. The hexagonal steel pipe manufacturing of Q345B special-shaped pipe manufacturer in Hubei Province has formed a joint force to break through the "bottleneck", Create a new ecology of key technology and equipment innovation. In the process of innovation, insurance companies can be involved as a third party, so as to control, prevent and reduce risks. u=2725219519,1376863476&fm=26&gp=0_ Copy.jpg

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