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Customized hexagon and octagonal spline for special pipe manufacturers in Shandong Province

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As an important platform of steel pipe and private economy in the capital market, the new third board will continue to make efforts in increasing the proportion of direct financing of small and medium-sized enterprises, enhancing the liquidity and market attractiveness of the new third board, so as to further enhance the service ability of small and medium-sized enterprises and private economy, and realize the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises, And lay a solid foundation for the new third board market to implement the registration system and systematically optimize the market basis system. It is suggested to further strengthen the reform, solve the long-term unsolved problems such as the separation of payment market, study and issue relevant guidance, and realize the unification of access conditions, information disclosure, credit rating, investor suitability, investor protection and other rules. At the same time, it is suggested that the reform of market management system and mechanism should be continued by the central payment department and the local government. Continue to promote and improve Nantong, which will also benefit domestic investors in Dongguan asset allocation. The third step is to perfect the market connection, especially to strengthen the communication between banks and the exchange market, improve the efficiency of cross market transaction settlement, and optimize the infrastructure construction of amplification field. Fourth, continue to promote the improvement of the status quo of entity payment. The default of enterprises should be viewed objectively in China's bond payment market. At the same time, in the aspect of capital of real enterprises, we should develop the products of combining stock and debt to ease the problem of private enterprises' issuing on behalf of others. China's inter payment accounts for a large proportion, and the supervision has always stressed the expansion of direct payment, while the threshold of enlargement connecting Shandong is relatively low, which is relatively easy. The issue charge helps to solve the problem of high capital. In the future, we can further expand the scale by lowering the investment threshold, expanding the opening-up efforts, building a payment risk hedging mechanism, and market completion supervision system. In depth planning and promoting the "2030 major project of scientific and technological innovation", strengthening the construction of major scientific and technological infrastructure, and accelerating the scientific and technological innovation in the fields of artificial intelligence, quantum science and brain science are all listed in the work list being promoted. On the basis of basic research, ministers and academicians have a good understanding of each other, which proves the focus of top-level design. Talent is an innovative resource. The work report puts forward that scientific researchers can concentrate on scientific exploration and achieve major breakthroughs in key core areas with the spirit of "grinding a sword in ten years". The policy of autonomy in the use of funds and the policy of reducing the unreasonable burden of scientific research personnel are mentioned in the work report. u=2752784504,2655762042&fm=26&gp=0_ Copy.jpg

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