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Processing of octagonal tube by Anhui Q345B special pipe manufacturer

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: seventy-eight Time: 2021 / 3 / 8 10:18:07

Anhui Q345B special-shaped pipe manufacturer octagonal tube processing, recommended this year The main development direction is to cater to the general trend of the overall iron and steel industry, and follow the trend. Overall view twenty twenty-one The market is still on the rise, this year The first half of the year Seamless pipe The price is still meeting continued rise In particular three The price will rise to a certain extent before the middle of the month But The increase still can't keep up with the upstream Tube blank Up, three There should be some increase in the month, four There may be a pullback in the month. Among them, steel pipe Big core management development efforts, and other chat city Other units carry out differentiated operation. Liaocheng is a short process. The steel pipe is the raw material, and the raw material is controlled by others. Anhui Q345B special-shaped pipe manufacturer processes octagonal pipe. In addition, Liaocheng area has a relatively simple product structure. Therefore, when the market is poor, the price of steel pipe will not go up, sales volume Come down, too. From the raw materials, to create a stable supply chain system, to ensure the quality of raw materials and delivery cycle. Even loss status As Panjin Zhang has said, many enterprises of billet rolling have been rising along with the billet price, and even suffer losses. 3、 raw material Price And Billet resources It's caused by seamless steel tube The cost goes up. 4、 this year The State advocates to celebrate the new year in the local area, and many projects are carried out project Workers Stay here for Chinese New Year , the overall start-up time Earlier, It's the same thing Demand release is faster important factor Under the comprehensive influence of various factors, this year whole seamless steel tube Price The whole of rise. It's like Liaocheng area pipe factory mainly produces medium thick wall pipe, Anhui Q345B special-shaped pipe manufacturer octagonal pipe processing, Linyi The region began to focus on the production of cold drawn tubules By adding new varieties In order to develop new channels, we are in the choice of their own varieties of channels At the same time, more in-depth development of the market. It's just like Fengbao is also improving Gold tube Pipe for machining And boiler tube Etc Proportion of pipe production capacity Although the coke has been loose recently, but the overall supply and demand There has not been a situation in which supply exceeds demand, Therefore, I think it is only in the short term The callback of, Although the current steel plant operating rate It has risen steadily, With Shanxi, Henan, Hebei and other regions Transformation of blast furnace, Overall, production It has not yet fully recovered. It is expected to be around May With the continuous production, coke supply situation Will open further.

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