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Hexagonal pipe of Jinhua cold drawn and cold rolled q355b special shaped steel pipe manufacturer

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Jinhua cold drawn and cold rolled q355b profiled steel pipe manufacturer Hexagonal tube In March, a number of large projects will be launched in provinces, cities and counties. We should do our best to expand and upgrade consumption, and accelerate the research and development of innovative measures to encourage consumption. We should try our best to stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment, and implement six actions such as upgrading foreign steel pipes. Under the premise of continuing to grasp the normal steel pipe control, it is necessary to promote the stable operation and continuous growth of the economy, and clarify a series of specific tasks around strengthening the support of policies and measures, promoting the industrial stability of work and production, and accelerating the expansion of re business into project construction. From this point of view, the quality and benefit of economic development is more important than the growth rate. In addition, due to the influence of low base in 2020, the forecast range of economic growth that Fu can achieve in 2021 is large, and it is difficult to establish the quantitative target of national economic growth reasonably. Therefore, it is expected that the government work report in 2021 will still dilute the economic growth rate. Jinhua cold drawn and cold rolled q355b profiled steel pipe manufacturer Hexagonal tube The necessity of large-scale stimulus policies to support the bottom economy has declined, and the macro policies have gradually returned to normal, and the orientation has gradually shifted to risk prevention and stable leverage. From the perspective of economic growth and social transformation, the state will continue to unswervingly achieve sustained and healthy economic development on the basis of steel pipe, and rely on the two wheel drive of science and technology to promote economic transformation and stimulate domestic demand to improve total factor productivity and maintain stable macroeconomic growth., Ensure a good start to the 14th five year plan and celebrate with outstanding achievements Square tube The 100th anniversary of the founding of the people's Republic of China puts forward the general requirements for the growth rate of GDP; Fourth, the Central Committee's economic work conference proposed two "reasonable intervals", one was "strive to keep the economic operation in a reasonable range", and the other was "to promote the economic operation to maintain in a reasonable range", which put forward qualitative requirements for GDP growth. It is expected that both the size of the fiscal deficit and the deficit rate will be lowered this year. Last year, local special debt eased the pressure of public investment Hexagonal tube However, from the perspective of macro-economic environment at home and abroad, it is still necessary to maintain a certain degree of fiscal expenditure this year, and the regions and periods are relatively concentrated. In the case that the domestic fiscal revenue is difficult to significantly improve, some local governments have greater pressure to repay the principal and interest. This year, as the domestic economy continues to recover, the need for large-scale fiscal stimulus has declined, and policy space needs to be reserved for subsequent uncertainty. This year's deficit rate will be somewhat lower than that of last year. Under the enlarged impact, the growth of residents' income will slow down, the consumption tendency will obviously decline, and the contradiction between local fiscal revenue and expenditure will be prominent, and the pressure will increase obviously.

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