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Hebei Q235B carbon steel special shaped pipe manufacturers of various shapes customized

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: eighty-four Time: 2021 / 2 / 25 9:40:02

Hebei Q235B carbon steel special-shaped pipe manufacturers of various shapes customized, the company's main business Zhaojian (Jinghua), dragon's galvanized sheet, today has officially opened business. Because the price of steel has risen a lot today, the company has limited the shipment. Many customers have been too large from yesterday's tutorial book. Many steel mills have adjusted the price twice, and the billet has also risen several times. The customer's payment analysis thinks that the customer is worried that the price will rise too much in the later period, so they are more passive, so they are starting to stock more. The steel mills are in a loss state, and the cost drives up the price of steel products; 2、 From the demand side, the market has a good expectation for the recovery of demand after the festival. It is generally believed that the market can fully start around March 1, starting from the consumption of Spring Festival Square tube According to the control situation, there is no problem to start the demand on schedule; 3、 The cumulative speed of inventory is lower than expected, and the inventory pressure is not great; 4、 On the macro level, the global water release and currency oversupply promote the price rise of large steel pipe products. Due to the fact that the pre Festival anti-corrosion is about 400-500 yuan higher than in previous years, Hebei Q235B carbon steel special-shaped pipe manufacturers have various shapes and the willingness of spot traders for active winter storage is not high, so the winter storage inventory is mainly concentrated in the hands of steel mills and anticorrosion. Due to the concentration of pricing power and cargo right, the steel spot market after the festival is easy to rise rapidly, But at the same time, the market risk is also accumulating Square tube Rising more fierce, in fact, is to revise the steel mill price rise expectations and market expectations and speculation. From the current point of view, the demand for sheet metal is better. The delivery date of private steel mills in Shandong Province has been arranged to may, and the delivery date of mainstream steel mills has also been arranged to April. but Square tube The price range is larger than expected, and the effect of production restriction is not clear. Therefore, we should be cautious about the later expansion. After the festival, Tangshan billet rose 400 yuan / ton. In 2021, the lock price of billet before the Spring Festival and the increase after the festival reached a 9-year high, but still significantly lower than the cost increase. And the guidance book Tangshan billet inventory level is lower than last year, also lower than expected. In addition, in recent years, due to the standardization of steel products, low take out volume and concentrated production areas, the charging speed of billets has been accelerated. Hebei Q235B carbon steel special-shaped pipe manufacturers have made various shapes to order, which has an increasing impact on the wind vane of steel price. Tangshan production restriction is expected to be implemented. Some steel plants are forced to repair and limit production, and it is in the window period of the "two sessions". Safety production will become the primary task of all regions. Especially today, there are major safety accidents in steel plants. Pay attention to whether it triggers the expectation of safety inspection. It is expected that the short-term production growth space will be limited.

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