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Specializing in the production of special-shaped pipe manufacturers rhombic tube factory

Author: Shandong jinchengda Steel Pipe Co., Ltd Click: two Time: 2021 / 2 / 9 9:37:21

Diamond tube factory, a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of special-shaped pipes, although the impact of the management system on the concentration of steel pipe loans is obvious, the enterprise credit demand is relatively strong, which forms a strong support for the credit investment, and the credit data rate in January has achieved a "good start". Structurally, it is expected that the growth of medium and long-term loans of enterprises will remain strong. In addition, the year-on-year growth rate of broad money (M2) is expected to remain resilient, and the year-on-year growth rate of narrow money (M1) will rise to double-digit in January. It's just that it feels stronger now“ For example, IGBT, Infineon is the global trade union, while Audi, Volkswagen and BMW are all headquartered in Germany. Diamond tube factory is a professional manufacturer of special-shaped pipes. If it is out of stock, it will give priority to these enterprises. In fact, in the good market before the IGBT often out of stock. " "This fully reflects the need for import substitution," said an executive at a leading chip company It's not easy to get a car customer's order. Automotive chips have strict requirements on reliability, and the verification cycle usually takes two to three years, which requires mutual support and trust between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain“ The localization of new energy vehicles is relatively clear. If the core power semiconductor, motor, drive and other components are controlled by overseas manufacturers, the development of new energy vehicles will be controlled by people, and the customers are mainly household appliances and voltage electrical appliances enterprises. From the perspective of household appliances, the export growth will be obvious in 2020, and the orders have been arranged to the end of the second quarter. " Yan Chengxiang, director of jiejie microelectronics, said that the diamond tube factory, a manufacturer specializing in the manufacture of special-shaped tubes, "is also in serious shortage of protective devices, especially in the fields of automotive electronics, communication, security and so on. The shortage of capacity in the third quarter is likely to improve. " The verification cycle of the production line of vehicle gauge chip is long, and the requirements of product yield and reliability are higher. Therefore, the wafer foundry is more cautious in choosing automobile customers. The reporter of Stock Securities News learned that an overseas wafer factory mainly engaged in automobile chip OEM was sold by Chinese buyers due to continuous losses, but it was sold again due to its low cost performance and difficult management.

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